Welcome to One World Nexus

One World Nexus is a New York-based organization that trains future diplomats through diplomatic simulations. It offers young leaders and change-makers a platform to exchange ideas and engage in philanthropic activities globally. The simulations help aspiring diplomats develop lobbying and critical thinking skills, essential to becoming effective diplomats.


  • Real atmosphere of United Nations.
    “Feel the real environment as a diplomat”
    One World Nexus provides real-world training on effective representation of a country in line with foreign policy in diplomatic environments like the United Nations
  • Travel with purpose and Networking.
    “Craft your career with Networking”
    Participating in One World Nexus Conferences is a great way to expand your network by meeting and interacting with diverse individuals from around the world.
  • Win the Best Delegate Award.
    “Prove your credibility with an international award’
    Showcase your Critical thinking skills and knowledge on an international stage, competing with delegates from other countries, with the ultimate goal of winning a prestigious award.
  • Become an OWN Society Member.
    “Unlock fully funded humanitarian porgrams”
    Get a chance to join our non-profit partner corporation to access fully-funded humanitarian programs worldwide as a own society member.

Series Of Activities

  • Grand Symposium
    The commencement of the conference will be marked by the International Grand Symposium, graciously hosted by ONE WORLD NEXUS (OWN). Esteemed speakers alongside promising diplomats will enlighten the attendees with their insights on the main theme, while networking opportunities will be provided throughout various events
    The cornerstone of Diplomatic conferences are the Committee sessions, overseen by diplomatic experts, where delegates emulate the roles of real-world diplomats in addressing pressing international issues. Committee sessions form the nucleus of any Diplomatic conference, designed to mirror the workings of the United Nations, European union and African union. During these sessions, delegates represent specific countries or international organizations, engaging in discussions and crafting solutions to a wide range of global challenges
    The Diplomatic Dinner serves as a distinguished highlight of the OWN Conference, offering esteemed participants an unparalleled opportunity to unwind, network, and engage in meaningful conversations that go beyond the formal committee sessions. Dignitaries such as government officials, UN representatives, ambassadors, professors, and mentors grace the occasion, providing a perfect platform for delegates to seek guidance and expand their network.
    Cultural exchange is vital in international diplomacy. Cultural Night adds excitement, diversity, and fosters an environment of tolerance, empathy, and appreciation for our global neighbors. It's a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and celebrate the world's diversity. We invite all delegates, faculty advisors, and guests to join us.
    You will get an exciting tour where you will explore several famous destinations in the host city, including historical landmarks, iconic buildings, and cultural hotspots. With the help of an experienced tour leader, you will get to know each destination, learn about its unique history, and discover fascinating facts that will enrich your experience.

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Expand Your Network

One World Nexus is a firm believer in celebrating the diversity and allure of cultures from around the globe. To honour this spirit, we have organized an unforgettable Cultural Night. During the closing ceremony, everyone will come together adorned in their mesmerizing traditional attire.

You will be captivated by delightful and alluring performances, as delegates showcase the vibrant essence of their heritage through dance, music, and more.

The evening is filled with joy, camaraderie, and the magic of cultural exchange.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to be part of an experience that promises to be both entertaining and enriching. Let's celebrate the beauty of cultures together!