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At One World Nexus, we believe in the transformative power of youth. We are associated with a non-profit corporation for our philanthropic activities in different parts of the world.

Our mission is to empower the next generation to become catalysts for change in some of the world's most challenging environments, from refugee camps to flood-affected areas, war-torn regions, and earthquake-stricken communities.

About our associated Non-profit corporation

One World Nexus INC is a non-profit corporation headquartered in the United States dedicated to equipping and inspiring young individuals to take an active role in addressing the pressing humanitarian and environmental crises that affect our world.

What we do?

▪️ Refugee Assistance

We provide essential support and aid to refugees in various parts of the world.

▪️ Education for Displaced Children

For refugees and those living in war-prone regions, we offer educational programs that enable children to access quality learning opportunities, fostering a sense of hope and continuity in their lives.

▪️ Disaster Relief

When natural disasters strike, we are there to offer immediate relief.

What you get?

▪️ Empowering OWN Society Members

We believe in local leadership. We provide full funding and support to our dedicated One world nexus Inc society members, who act as the bridge between our organization and the communities we serve.

▪️ Full coverage to our society members

we offer full accommodation and assist with flight, visas, ensuring that our One World Nexus Inc society members can focus on what truly matters—making a difference in the lives of those we serve.

▪️ Dedicated Local team Support

Our society members will get a dedicated Local team allotted in each country they serve.

▪️ Ground zero experience and recognition

our society member will get an international exposure and ground zero experience. One World nexus will provide kits and certificates of appreciation and they will get a chance to nominate themself in OWN Global Peace awards for the year 2025.


▪️ OWN-Refugees camp support Humanitarian program, Turkey 2024 (Open) (Dates to be announced)..

• Turkey stands as a bridge between continents, but it is also a place where countless individuals, families, and children have found themselves seeking shelter and solace from the storms of conflict, persecution, and hardship. Our program, is dedicated to provide monetary help to the refugees and to educate children by taking ground zero practical seminars.

• Selection process to the avail this program is only limited to Own Society members.

• To become the own society member, it is mandatory be a official country represetative of one world nexus.

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