Terms Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) shall govern the attendance of all delegates (“Participants”) to the One World Nexus Conferences (“Events”). One World Nexus LLC New York and One World Diplomatic FZ LLC are collectively referred to as “One World Nexus” in this Agreement.

One World Nexus Guidelines:

• To attend the One World Nexus Conference, participants must be at least 16 years old at the time of registration.

• You must complete the online registration at https://oneworldnexus.org/new_registration to attend the conference.

• Please review your application form carefully for accuracy, including any special requirements. One World Nexus is not responsible for errors.

• One World Nexus will not be liable for any consequences resulting from government or public authority inaction or refusal.

• While spending time in the host city, delegates are responsible for ensuring their safety and security. One World Nexus will not be liable for any loss or damage to delegates or their property, including bodily injury.

• Adherence to registration deadlines is required for individual and delegation participation

Registration Policy:

• Registration for One World Nexus can only be completed through the official website. Kindly ensure that you use the official website for your registration.

• Delegates must complete the registration form with all required information, including their council and country preferences.

• The evaluation of applications will take into account the maximum capacity of each council as well as the availability and vacancy of preferred countries in each council. This means that the number of applications accepted will depend on the number of spots available in each council, as well as the demand for those spots from applicants who prefer specific countries. Therefore, applicants need to consider their options carefully and select their preferred countries when applying.

• Registrants for One World Nexus can choose from Non-Accommodation, Accommodation, and One World Nexus Humanitarian packages.

• The registration will be conducted in three different categories, which are as follows:

◦ Super Early Bird Registration

◦ Early-bird Registration

◦ Regular Registration

◦ Late Registration.

Please note that each category will have different quotations (fee) for each package. The registration deadline will not be extended under any circumstances. In case of any changes, delegates will be notified via One World Nexus’s social media platforms. If you require visa support documents, please write to One World Nexus at info@oneworldnexus.org.

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy

• One World Nexus will not tolerate any instances of discrimination based on race, color, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual identity, national origin, religion, age, socioeconomic status, and/or ability.

• If any delegate or advisor believes they have encountered discrimination, which has resulted in a hostile working environment, they should bring it to the attention of the Conference Executives, Director-General, or Secretariat and will take appropriate action which may include: Suspension from the committee, Disqualification from individual awards, Expulsion from One World Nexus without refund, Ban the individual or delegation from attending One World Nexus in the future, and/or Any other action deemed necessary and appropriate

Intellectual Property

• One World Nexus owns or licenses all copyrights, graphics, trademarks, design rights, and other intellectual property rights, including the "Look and Feel" of its website, software, and content. Only the rightful owner or licensee may use or reproduce One World Nexus Content.

• Distributing, modifying, transmitting, re-posting, or using any or all of the One World Nexus Content for any purpose, except for the purposes specifically permitted, such as public or commercial purposes, without the written permission of One World Nexus is prohibited. The One World Nexus Content is intended solely for use on our website and should not be displayed, published, copied, printed, posted, or otherwise utilized for the benefit of any other website.

• You are permitted to print one copy of any page from our website for personal reference."


• Visas are typically valid for a period ranging from 30 to 90 days from the date of issuance. • If you are an applicant who has been confirmed delegate of One World Nexus Conference and requires Visa Support Letters, One World Nexus will issue the letter within 7 days of receiving your request. The request must have been made 75 days or less before the first day of the conference.

• A visa support letter is a document that can be included as part of a visa application to provide additional evidence in support of the application. While such a letter can significantly enhance the strength of the application, it is important to remember that it does not guarantee that a visa will be issued. Ultimately, the decision to issue a visa lies solely with the relevant authorities.

• As a delegate, it is your responsibility to obtain a visa or entry permit for the destination country within a reasonable timeframe. One World Nexus will not provide refunds as per the refund policy to individuals who fail to obtain the required visa or entry permit on time.

• Delegates who encounter difficulties with obtaining a visa can rely on One World Nexus to provide comprehensive assistance. Although One World Nexus cannot impact the ultimate decision made by the Embassy, Consulate, or High Commission, we will strive to provide the highest level of support to help delegates navigate the visa application process


• It is important to note that all payments must be made exclusively through our official website, which can be accessed at www.oneworldnexus.org.

• One World Nexus will not be responsible for payments made to individuals claiming to be Country Representatives or Officials of One world Nexus. • It is mandatory to make payments either through Credit/Debit Card or International Wire Transfer. No other payment methods will be accepted

Refund Policy

• All Payments are Non-Refundable.

• However, delegates who have paid their fee in full can transfer their Participation to another destination or obtain a Credit Voucher of the paid amount as per the terms and conditions mentioned in “Credit Voucher & Transfer Policy”

Policy for Credit Voucher & Transfer

• A request for a credit voucher or transfer can be made if the delegate meets the following conditions:

◦ The conference participant has completed the payment of the conference fee in full amount and has no outstanding balance.

◦ The delegate has requested a Credit Voucher or Transfer by emailing an ink-signed request 60 days prior to the start of the conference.

• Please note that transfers can only be made to conferences that are organised by One World Nexus.

• One World Nexus only accepts Credit Vouchers for payment at the Conferences that it organizes.

• If the delegate has only paid the first instalment of the conference fee and wishes to cancel their attendance, they will not be eligible for any transfer or credit voucher policies. Instead, 100% of the first instalment will be kept by the One World Nexus as a cancellation fee. It is important to note that this policy only applies to delegates who have paid the first instalment and have not yet paid the full conference fee.

• In case the delegate fails to apply for transfer at least 60 days prior to the registered event, the following policy will apply based on the time the delegate submitted their intent to transfer:

◦ 30% of the paid fee will be charged as a cancellation fee if the delegate cancels 59 to 45 days before the conference. The remaining amount will be refunded as a credit voucher.

◦ 50% of the paid fee will be charged as a cancellation fee if the delegate cancels between 45 to 30 days before the conference. The remaining amount will be refunded in the form of a credit voucher

◦ 70% of the paid fee will be charged for cancellations made between 29 to 15 days prior to the conference. The remaining amount will be refunded to the delegate in the form of a credit voucher.

◦ 100% of the Paid Fee will be charged as a Cancellation Fee and the Delegate will be considered as “Absent” if cancellation is made within 0-15 days before the conference

Code of Conduct

• Registrants certify that all the information they provide is truthful and accurate. It is important to understand that any falsification of information submitted will result in disqualification from participating in the One World Nexus Conference and future activities, along with legal actions taken against the registrant.

• All participants must ensure that any material produced for this conference is original and not copied from any other source. Any form of plagiarism, including but not limited to copying and pasting, and presenting someone else's work as one's own, will not be tolerated at One World Nexus. If any instances of plagiarism are discovered by the One World Nexus Secretariat, strict consequences will be imposed on the individual responsible. We value integrity and originality in our community and expect all participants to adhere to this standard.

• As a participant of the One World Nexus Conference, it is expected and required that you comply with the laws of the host country. You will be held personally responsible for any damages or charges incurred by you at the conference facilities or social event venues.

• Participants fully understand and assume all risks associated with their participation in any activity or event organized by One World Nexus, including those organized by its President, Members, Officers, Elected Representatives, and Employees, including the One World Nexus Secretariat. Participants acknowledge that One World Nexus, and its President, Members, Officers, Elected Representatives, and Employees, including the One World Nexus Secretariat, do not assume any responsibility for any injury, loss, damage, or other consequences resulting from the participant's conduct or activities.

• Participants must abide by One World Nexus's Secretariat-published Code of Conduct.

• As a participant, you agree to take full responsibility and be held liable for any consequences that may arise if you intentionally or unintentionally use the name of One World Nexus to engage in any act that negatively impacts the conference as a whole or any delegate of One World Nexus.

• Participants are personally liable for their conduct, including any crimes, under the laws of the host country. One World Nexus is not responsible for any misconduct or crimes committed by participants.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

• When a payment is processed in the United Arab Emirates , any issue or dispute arising from or related to the payment will be handled by the United Arab Emirates courts in an exclusive manner. This means that only the UAE courts have the authority to resolve any claims or conflicts related to the payment. Moreover, the terms and conditions of the payment will be subject to the laws of the UAE that are applicable to payments processed in the United Arab Emirates.