About Us


One World Nexus, based in New York, specializes in organizing diplomatic simulations that replicate esteemed international organizations such as the United Nations, European Union, and African Union. These simulations focus on topics that align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our organization's core principles are based on four pillars: Diplomacy, Leadership, Advocacy, and Awareness.

Our conferences are built on the core principles of the "5 P's," which include People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership. These pillars serve as the foundation for all our global conferences. Through carefully selected locations, we are committed to advancing the goals of sustainable development, strengthening diplomatic ties, and promoting meaningful dialogues in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our dedicated team of experts works towards achieving sustainable development goals by collaborating with partnered philanthropic organizations and actively working on the ground. We strongly believe in building stronger diplomatic relationships through our conferences and promoting meaningful dialogues in pursuit of the SDGs

Our Mission and Inspiration

One world nexus draws inspiration from the United Nations and strives to create opportunities for young people to engage in diplomacy. To achieve this, ONE WORLD NEXUS plans to organize diplomatic conferences across different destinations, thereby fostering a culture of global collaboration and understanding.

Our Vision

▪️ Global Reach, Local Impact

Global reach and local impact mean an organization can have a broad influence worldwide while creating positive changes at a local level. For ONE WORLD NEXUS, it means addressing global issues while having a meaningful impact in specific communities or regions.

Global Reach

1. Addressing Global Challenges : OWN addresses global challenges such as climate change, human rights, poverty, and healthcare. Our programs aim to make a difference worldwide by tackling systemic issues transcending geographical boundaries.

2. International Partnerships : OWN will partner with global organizations and governments to exchange knowledge and resources for better solutions.

3. Advocacy and Awareness : OWN will play a crucial role in raising awareness about global issues. We advocate for policy changes and mobilize public support to influence decision-makers at national and international levels.

Local Impact

1. Community Cleanup Initiatives : One World Nexus members hold frequent community cleanups that enhance the local environment, resulting in cleaner streets, parks, and waterways, making the community healthier and more attractive for residents.

2. Food Drives and Donations : One World Nexus members frequently conduct food drives and donations to local food banks and shelters. This ensures that those in need within the community have access to nutritious meals.

3. Educational Outreach : Many Nexus members are involved in educational programs, offering free tutoring, workshops, or mentoring for students in their neighbourhoods. This contributes to better academic outcomes and provides opportunities for youth.